Wednesday, September 12, 2007

A Special 9/11 - Gathering of Eagles Program tonight on Political Pistachio Radio

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On my way to work a radio program played footage from 9/11 and I found myself weeping. I came home last night and spent time with my wife in silence. I was sent a video by a friend of the Palestinians celebrating after the World Trade Center attack. I watched it in silence.

The ensuing War on Terror has many battle fronts, and one of them is in Iraq.

General Petraeus was correct in his assessment. Any decision to bring American troops home from Iraq must be made from "strength and success, not fear and failure.

Tonight Paul Couturier will join me on Political Pistachio Radio at 7pm Pacific Time, 10 pm Eastern. I will begin my show with audio from 9/11. I will speak on my thoughts regarding that horrendous day. Paul will tell us his thoughts, as well, I am sure, as well as give us a little more insight on how important that battle in Iraq is in this War on Terror. Then we will turn our focus on The Gathering of Eagles Event.

The anti-military crowd, by the way, has struck again against our monuments to our heroes in Washington D.C. They damaged the Vietnam Wall. More wish to do the same on September 15, 2007.

Support The Eagles.

To listen to tonight's show, click HERE.

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