Saturday, September 15, 2007

Gathering of Eagles Takes their positions in Washington D.C.

ANSWER, which in my opinion has the wrong answer, will be marching on Washington D.C. today in a massive anti-war/anti-military/anti-patriotism/anti-America march. They will be waving their black and yellow banners (rather than the red, white and blue of the Star Spangled Banner), and flags of other countries (more often than not the flags of nations the terrorists use as breeding grounds and training locations, as well as those of nations that openly sponsor Islamic Terror).

The Gathering of Eagles will be there to meet them head-on.

The Gathering of Eagles was formed to protect our monuments and memorials. Last January anti-military/anti-American morons from the far left (representing groups like ANSWER) urinated on the memorials in Washington D.C. and spray painted the steps of the Capitol. Last week vandals damaged the Vietnam War Memorial. This will not be tolerated, and the Eagles will be there to make sure these anti-American jerks won't cause more damage as they whine and cry their way through D.C. on their treasonous route.

Unfortunately, they will, as they have in the past, do despicable things like disrespect the American Flag and burn effigies of American Soldiers, but there will be an answer to ANSWER, and they are the Gathering of Eagles.

Kit Lange of Euphoric Reality will be one of those Eagles. She, with tens of thousands of others, will protect our memorials, and stand up for our troops, today in Washington D.C.

Then, she will call live into Political Pistachio Radio today at 8pm Eastern/5pm Pacific to tell us about the events. A few other Eagles may be calling in as well, such as Paul Couturier (Iraq War Veteran and host of Indepedently Correct Radio), and Justin of Right on the Right. Tune in, you won't want to miss this.

And we may even get to hear some of the rantings of a member or two of ANSWER - wouldn't that be good for a laugh.

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