Saturday, September 29, 2007

Dr. Blogstein, and True Americans Battle the Illegal Alien Invasion

On a lighter note, Saturday, 29th (that would be today) is the day that Dr. Blogstein visits Political Pistachio Radio. His comedy mixed with my political prowess will be interesting to listen to indeed. Tune in at 7pm Eastern Time/4pm Pacific for the fun at Political Pistachio Radio on Blog Talk Radio.

Do you know who Mike Gray is? Mike Gray is that lawn care worker that got in trouble for his sign last year. The Border Patrol hat wearing business owner advertised that his business was "Done with Pride by an English Speaking American!" However, his other job, Arapahoe County in Colorado, didn't like the sign, nor did the local bureaucrats, who, fearing someone might be offended, ordered Mike to can the sign (and the hat). Mike Gray decided to go get a lawyer instead. Well, guess what? Mike is my guest this Wednesday night on Political Pistachio Radio! And, as an added treat, Terry Funderburk, the South Carolina Roofer that claims his competitors are putting him out of business by hiring illegals, and was arrested for protesting at a job site where illegals were working, has indicated that he plans to chime in as well. Wednesday at 10 pm Eastern, 7 pm Pacific, will be a good night for Political Pistachio Radio, and a bad night for the illegal aliens.

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