Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Delaware State University Shooting

How much do you know about the recent shooting that happened on a Delaware college campus that left two wounded? Was this shooting related to the other shooting of incoming Delaware State students that were shot execution style at an elementary school in New Jersey by illegal immigrants? Was there any connection between this shooting and the rally organized to honor the so-called Jena Six the night before? Is the fact that Delaware State University is historically a black college a factor? Considering that this comes four months after the Virginia Tech shooting, would it have been worse if awareness was not higher in the wake of Virginia Tech? Or is this just another example of our society and its ever increasing spiral towards violence?

Tonight on my radio show I have scheduled John Zmirak, editor-in-chief of "Choosing the Right College", which outlines 134 colleges nationwide on the security on each campus, as well as the academic and social life on campus, to discuss the shooting at Delaware State University. He is a college security expert, and may be able to answer those questions, as well as inform us about the details regarding the stories of these shootings.

Tune in tonight on Political Pistachio Radio at 10pm Eastern Time, 7pm Pacific for a live feed. Participation is encouraged. Call into the show at (646) 652-2940, or contact me during the show with your questions through Yahoo Instant Messenger, ID douglasvgibbs.

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