Friday, April 17, 2009

From the U.S. Constitution to the Gay Agenda

Kevin Price: U.S. Constitution Under Attack on Political Pistachio Radio
Guest Kevin Price, an expert in free market economics and public policy, and a strict Constitutionalist, says America is under attack - by the New World Order. One World Conspiracy theorists were proven right at the recent G20 Summit, and the Democrats are working on repealing the Declaration of Independence, and sending us into a fight to save our Constitutional government. Political Pistachio Conservative News and Commentary.
conservative politics, new world order, socialism, u.s. constitution, free market economics
Politics ConservativeMature
4/17/20097:00 PM120 Minutes

[473639]Foreign Policy and National Security Expert Guest to discuss Somali Pirates on Political Pistachio
John C. Wohlstetter is our guest tonight to discuss how the U.S. should be handling the Somali Pirates - Conservative News and Commentary
conservative, politics, news, somalia, pirates
Politics ConservativeMature
4/18/20097:00 PM120 Minutes

[473640]Tygrrr Express' Eric - Ideological Bigotry. . . Political Pistachio Radio Revolution
Eric of Tygrrr Express has a new book out. Hear what he has to say about the book, being a Jew in Los Angeles, and current political landscape. Conservative News and Commentary
conservative, politics, news, commentary, Tygrrr Express
Politics ConservativeMature
4/19/20097:00 PM120 Minutes

[473641]Disarming America, Guest Larry Pratt of Gun Owners of America - Political Pistachio Radio Revolution
HR 45, Land Bill that adds government land where guns not allowed, Lies about American firearms in Mexico - is Obama disarming America? Political Pistachio Radio Conservative News and Commentary
conservative, politics, news, commentary, gun control
Politics ConservativeMature
4/25/20097:00 PM120 Minutes

[473642]Marcus Wilder - Naive and Abroad, Israel and Palestine on Political Pistachio Radio Revolution
Book reveals why Israel does what she does when it comes to national security. Facts in book thoroughly fact checked. Author Marcus Wilder on the Political Pistachio Radio Revolution Tonight - Conservative News and Commentary
conservative, marcus wilder, news, palestine, israel
Politics ConservativeMature
4/26/20097:00 PM120 Minutes

[490807]Walid Shoebat: Terrorists Could Care Less Who President Is - Political Pistachio Radio Revolution
With deadly suicide and homicide terrorist attacks in Pakistan, apparently the Taliban doesn't know that the Democratic Party's messiah is the new president - or the don't care. Obama's presidency is hardly resulting in a reduction of worldwide terror attacks, and if anything, under Obama they are getting worse. Walid Shoebat, former terrorist turned Conservative News and Commentary
conservative politics, terrorism, obama, walid shoebat, news
Politics ConservativeMature
5/1/20097:00 PM120 Minutes

[490803]President of Americans For Truth About Homosexuality on Political Pistachio Radio Revolution
Peter LaBarbera does not mix words, or worry about political correctness, when discussing the gay agenda, gay marriage, and all issues associated with the homosexual behavior. He is President of Americans for Truth About Homosexuality, and is our guest on Political Pistachio Radio - Conservative News and Commentary
conservative politics, gay, homosexuality, gay marriage, gay agenda

Friday, April 10, 2009

James Lansberry and John Ziegler on PPR

The threat of Socialized Medicine looms in the air. Experts are saying that Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid could be bankrupt by the time most of us reach retirement age. President Barack Obama has proclaimed that single payer (aka Socialized Medicine) healthcare is the only way to save the system, when in reality, according to James Lansberry, the solution to lowering healthcare costs is already here - without government aid, and without expensive health insurance.

James Lansberry, president of the Alliance of Health Care Sharing Ministries, will be joining Political Pistachio Radio tonight to discuss the extremely successful "Shared Care" systems across the country that people are already using successfully for just pennies on the dollar, compared to traditional insurance companies and government health providers.

John Ziegler is a veteran of the information media. He began as a television sportscaster, has been the author of a number of books, and then decided to try to benefit from his controversial nature by going into talk radio. He quickly moved up the ranks in radio, and moved on to television where he won a regional Emmy.

In 2002, Ziegler returned to radio as the host of the mid-morning SHOW on the legendary 84WHAS in Louisville, Ky. His show was heard weekdays from 9 am-noon and quickly became the highest rated program in its time slot. John also co-hosted a successful prime-time TV show called "Yarmuth & Ziegler" on the NBC affiliate in Louisville. John Yarmuth is now the Congressman from Louisville, while, thanks to an extremely high-profile firing, John Ziegler is only allowed back in the city on special occasions.

I know him best as a KFI 640-AM in Los Angeles host on a late evening show. That show on KFI began on January 12th, 2004. John's rating success in the 10 pm slot earned him a promotion to the 7 pm shift in February of 2005.

In 2005, John authored the book "The Death of Free Speech."

In 2006, John was given national credit for "breaking" the John Kerry "Stuck in Iraq" story that ended his 2008 Presidential hopes.

In 2007, John was named the 54th most important talk host in the country by Talkers Magazine. At the end of that year KFI and John Ziegler mutually decided to not renew his contract.

In 2008, John Ziegler wrote, directed and produced the documentary "Blocking the Path to 9/11" and created as a precursor to his next film, "Media Malpractice... How Obama Got Elected."

Tonight John Ziegler joins Political Pistachio Radio during the second hour of the program to discuss his documentary, and Katie Couric's award she is receiving for her shameful interview of Sarah Palin during the campaign. The Program begins at 7 pm Pacific Time HERE.

Friday, April 3, 2009

From Alan Keyes to the 2nd Amendment

Here is the upcoming schedule for The Political Pistachio Radio Revolution:

Alan Keyes to Discuss Obama Citizenship / Birth Certificate, plus other issues on PPR
Alan Keys is our guest tonight to discuss Obama's Citizenship question, socialism, and the United States Constitution. 4/3/2009, 7:00 PM, 120 Minutes

Grammy Nominee Steve Vaus on Taking Back America on Political Pistachio Radio Revolution
Saturday's Guest in the second hour was Nominated for Grammy Awards in 2007 and 2008, Steve Vaus is a Country Western Star that loves America. In 1992 his hit "We Must Take Back America" was climbing up the charts and made it to #56 when suddenly RCA inexplicably pulled the CD off the Radio and Shelves, cancelled Vaus' tour, and all because the song was too patriotic and conservative. Now, Steve Vaus has updated the song and plans to re-release it. 4/4/2009, 7:00 PM, 120 Minutes

Blagojevich Indicted, Illinois Governor Candidate Adam Andrzejewski on Political Pistachio Radio
Illinois ousted Governor Rod R. Blagovich needs to be replaced. Now that he has been indicted, the candidates are lining up. One of the Conservative Front Runners is Adam Andrzejeski, and he is our guest Sunday Night! Learn more about Blagojevich's antics, Chicago Politics, and about the real conservative vying to be Illinois Governor. 4/5/2009, 7:00 PM, 120 Minutes

Can Healthcare Costs be Reduced? Guest James Lansberry says Yes - Political Pistachio Radio
As experts proclaim that Social Security and Medicare could be bankrupt by the time most of us get to age 64, Political Pistachio Radio guest James Lansberry says the costs of healthcare can be reduced - and Obama doesn't even realize that the solution is already here (or maybe he does know, and refuses to acknowledge it). Political Pistachio Radio Revolution - Conservative News and Commentary. 4/10/2009, 7:00 PM, 120 Minutes

HSA's Better Than COBRA on Political Pistachio Radio Revolution
Guest Ron Greiner of says Health Savings Accounts are better than COBRA, and employees are even better off with an HSA than an employer-provided insurance plan. 4/11/2009, 7:00 PM, 120 Minutes

Special Easter Message on The Political Pistachio Radio Revolution
The Storms of Life, The Greatest Gift, and Words of Encouragement. Political Pistachio, Conservative News and Commentary. 4/12/2009, 7:00 PM, 120 Minutes

Larry Pratt, Exec. Dir. of Gun Owners of America on Political Pistachio Radio Revolution
Omnibus Public Land Act (H.R. 146) increases the amount of government land that would forbid guns. 90% of Illegal Firearms in Mexico Not from USA! Left believes Gun Control in U.S. will solve Mexican Drug War! Political Pistachio Conservative News and Commentary. 4/18/2009, 7:00 PM

And Here Are The Archive Links To Episodes Last Month You May Have Missed:

Andrea Shea King and the Orlando Tea Party on Political Pistachio Radio Revolution
Andrea Shea King was one of the speakers at the Orlando Tea Party a week ago. Hear about her experience at the tea party, and her article at World Net Daily that discusses why the media has said nothing about the tea parties. 3/29/2009

Warner Todd Huston on Political Pistachio Radio Revolution, then The Wave Movie
Warner Todd Huston is a familiar Conservative Name around the internet. His Publius Forum, and contributions to NewsBusters, Conservative Crusader, American Daily Review, Renew America, and other sites, have made him one of the leading voices in conservatism. Listen to Warner Todd Huston as he joins Political Pistachio Radio for a little political talk. Then, during the second half of the show, we will revisit the 1981 movie, The Wave. Conservative Commentary. 3/28/2009

American Daily Review Executive Director on Political Pistachio Radio Revolution
John Barnhart, Executive Director of American Daily Review, is my guest to discuss the Conservative Revolution, and how American Daily Review plans to be in the thick of things for the long haul. Note: John and I launched American Daily Review January 17th, and the impact of the site has been phenomenal. Listen to this episode - Conservative Commentary 3/22/2009

Gnosticism in Today's Socio-Political Environment on Political Pistachio Radio Revolution
In hour one the author of "The Truth About Jesus and the 'Lost Gospels'", David Marshall, joins us to discuss the Nag Hammadi texts, and how Gnosticism is enjoying a rennaissance in today's society. During the second hour Augie Sodaro of Special Guests will come on to discuss how Political Pistachio gets some of these great guests - Show hosts in particular will enjoy this segment, and learn how to gain the opportunity to lock into a system that ill help in securing great guests for your show. 3/21/2009

Global Governance and the Obama Administration - Political Pistachio Radio Revolution
A taste of ideas doing the rounds in Obama circles includes a thirst for international agreements and treaties. Is the audacity of hope preparing to send us into the audacity of a world government? Political Pistachio Conservative Commentary. 3/15/2009

Impact: Passion of the Christ Dir. Tim Chey, Adam Bitely of Americans For Limited Government
In addition to his latest Christian Movie Industry film, "Live Fast, Die Young," Tim Chey has directed a number of films over the years. Impact: Passion of the Christ, however, is a searing commentary on today's socio-political environment from the Christian point of view. Tonight Tim joins us to discuss his latest film, as well as Impact: The Passion of the Christ. During the interview, unknown facts about the Columbine Shootings are revealed as well. Catch this exclusive information on this episode of Political Pistachio Radio. Also, in the second hour, Adam Bitely of Americans for Limited Government and NetRight Daily joins us to discuss the Obama Presidency. Join us on the Political Pistachio Radio Revolution - Conservative Commentary

U.N. to dictate American Parental Rights on Political Pistachio Radio Revolution
Mike Donnelly Esq. of the Home School Legal Defense Association is my guest tonight to discuss the UNCRC treaty that Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-CA) and the Democrats are pushing that could take away American Parental Rights. 3/8/2009

Islam in America, Christianity Out, Socialism In, Liberty Out, Slavery In - Political Pistachio Radio Revolution
Obama Repeals Bush Abortion Regulation as Montana Passes Personhood Amendment. The Chinese take advantage with a Power Grab you will not believe - right here in America! H.R. 45 to begin Federal Gun Control Measures. Muslim Brotherhood in California Protests FBI investigations into Mosques. Obama Citizenship Eligibility being demanded by Military Officers. Obama, the economy, and health care. Tea Parties Across America. Illinois Bans Prayer in Christian Schools. Obama seizing opportunity of Crises. Obama disses Britain. Hillary embarasses America in Russia. Conservative Commentary. 3/7/2009

Gunny Pop, The Cigar Marine, returns to Political Pistachio Radio Revolution
Tank Commander Gunny Pop Popaditch is a proud United States Marine who survived an RPG hit to his Tank. His book, Once A Marine, tells the story of courage and bravery - but now he's a civilian, and the good news in Iraq is not on the airwaves, and the life of a Marine is not his daily life anymore - or is it? Join Guest Nick Popaditch on Political Pistachio Radio. 3/1/2009