Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day Tribute to Heroes, and Audio of Interviews with attendees of Anti-Illegal Immigration Rally in California

Memorial Day means more than bar-b-qued hamburgers and hot dogs. It is more than just a day off from work. Memorial Day is a time to thank those who have sacrificed their lives for this nation, and a time to thank those who are currently laying it all on the line everyday to keep this nation safe. These men and women are most deserving of our deepest respect and gratitude for all they have done on behalf of our great country.

It is my sincere hope that everybody takes the time to pay tribute to those heroes who have paid the ultimate sacrifice while protecting our freedom, and also recognize the tremendous sacrifices that our Veterans have made and our active duty troops are making everyday.

Simple words cannot convey my gratitude. As a veteran myself I understand the oath, and I understand the difficult journey. However, as a peace-time veteran, I will never fully understand the taste of freedom that graces the hearts and souls of our war-time veterans, and the brave men and women currently serving in Iraq and Afghanistan.

In fact, there are only two words that I can say that truly relay how I feel. They are simple words, insignificant by themselves, but filled with emotion and honor when placed together and delivered to a member of the United States Military.

Thank You.


Tonight on Political Pistachio Radio we will pay tribute to those fine members of the military, past and present, living and dead. I encourage the veterans that read this site and listen to the show to call in so that we may thank you personally.


The men and women that protect this nation serve in many more ways other than the military. Our Border Patrol is also an agency tasked with keeping us as a nation safe, not only from illegal immigrants who have broken the law to be here and are tapping into a system they have neither contributed to, nor have the legal right to access, but the Border Patrol also protects us from members of enemy Islamic factions and Mexican drug cartels. One out of three persons crossing the border along the San Diego county line are of Middle Eastern descent. The Drug Cartels in Mexico are at war with the government and each other, and that war is attempting to spill over into this country. The Border Patrol is our line of defense against both of these dangers. Unfortunately, our government, which is fast becoming a judicial oligarchy, has determined that if Border Patrol Agents do their job, their actions are punishable by prison.

Two Border Patrol agents, Ignacio Ramos and Jose Compean, attempting to interrupt a cross-border drug smuggling operation, fired their weapons in self-defense at an admitted illegal alien, drug smuggler, Osbaldo Aldrete-Davila. The smuggler managed to escape across the border into Mexico, but he left his vehicle, loaded with more than 700 pounds of marijuana. It was another good bust. Rather than be congratulated for doing their job, the Border Patrol agents were charged with attempted murder, indicted, placed under house arrest for eight long months. The two agents were later sentenced to 11 and 12 years in federal prison, respectively, on charges of assault with a deadly weapon and for violation of the drug smuggler's civil rights. They remain in prison serving their unfair sentence that President George W. Bush could pardon, but won't because of his globalistic position, and lack of cajones against the liberal left which would lambaste him if he so dared.

Last Friday I attended a Free Ramos and Compean Sidewalk Rally in Irvine, California near where First Lady Laura Bush was autographing copies of the book she authored with Jenna Bush, "Read All About It!" While I was there I interviewed a number of the folks holding up signs and waving American Flags in support of our unjustly jailed Border Patrol Agents, Ramos and Compean. Tonight on Political Pistachio Radio, after the tribute to our American Military Heroes, past and present, I will play for you the audio of those interviews. Don't miss this broadcast! This will be a show you will remember for a lifetime.

Join us tonight at 10:00 PM Eastern Time on Political Pistachio Radio.

Below are photos I took from the Rally. The first is of the line waiting to meet Laura Bush. The last picture is of a woman born in South America who declares proudly she is an American, and she is the final, stirring interview you will hear tonight.

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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Why We Left Islam Book

Joel Richardson is the editor of the book, Why We Left Islam. The controversial new book is the first in America to feature an image of Muhammad on the cover and tell nearly two dozen horror stories of former Muslims. Tonight, Joel Richardson was my guest on Political Pistachio Radio.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Right To Know (Ultrasounds and Abortion)

Abortion is hardly a cut and dry issue. Pro-Life advocates are motivated by the belief that human personhood begins at conception, thus, an abortion murders a baby. Some Pro-lifers accept termination of a pregnancy in special cases, others do not. Pro-Abortion activists more often than not believe that human life becomes a "person" some time after conception, though few agree on the exact moment. Some supporters of abortion will tell you that life begins when the embryo's heart begins beating, or when the fetus begins to look human, or when the child becomes sentient, or it has half emerged from the mother's body, or is born, or is severed from its mother and is able to function independently. Therefore, those who support legalized abortion believe a woman should have the choice to abort the pregnancy prior to that time the fetus becomes a person. There is no single pro-life position and no single pro-abortion position. In fact, the only thing the two groups may have in common is the desire to see a reduction in the number of abortions performed.

To achieve a reduction in the number of abortions, many pro-lifers promote supporting services for women in crisis pregnancies. In addition to this, many pro-lifers also seek legal restrictions on abortion access. The group that calls themselves pro-choice most often states that a reduction of abortions performed can be achieved by promoting better comprehensive birth control education in schools, to women who are sexually active, and greater access to contraceptives.

Lost in the debate between the "Right To Life" and the "Right To Choose" is "The Right To Know." After all, both groups agree that better education and learning as much knowledge as is available regarding abortion can assist a woman in better determining what she wants to do when faced with this very significant decision.

Chris Slattery, founder of Expectant Mother Care (also known as EMC Frontline Pregnancy Centers), has provided a new opportunity for knowledge in this debate. He believes a woman must be armed with all of the knowledge available before choosing to abort a pregnancy, including seeing an ultrasound of their unborn babies.

Chris Slattery joins Political Pistachio Radio tonight to discuss this seldom talked about opportunity that most abortion clinics refuse to discuss. Abortion clinics would prefer not to show ultrasounds to expectant mothers who have decided to put their unborn child through the physically painful procedure of abortion, and themselves through the emotionally painful procedure. But why would abortion clinics wish not to give women this additional opportunity for knowledge? The reason is simple, because seeing the ultrasounds changes the minds of previously abortion-minded women. What loving mother could possibly look her baby in the eyes and go through with the procedure of abortion that will affect her for a lifetime?

Join us tonight at 10:00 Eastern, or catch the archive later. Listeners are urged to call in and participate! Visit Political Pistachio Radio tonight for this powerful guest.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Father's Rights Book, "Rabies Mom," on Political Pistachio Radio

Tonight on Political Pistachio Radio is author and father's rights advocate Pat Carroll. His new book, Rabies Mom, was written along with his brother-in-law Jack McGowan, and the book recounts his recent, personal story of fighting for custody of his six children, one of whom died of rabies while in her mother's custody.

Pat and Jack say courts too often award custody to mother's even when they aren't necessarily the better parent. Together, they plan to form the Better Parent Foundation, a think tank and outreach program that would potentially influence the way courts today decide custody cases. In Pat's case, during the time it took for the court system to finally grant him custody of his children, it was too late for one of his young daughters.

On the show tonight Pat and Jack will discuss:
--The status of fathers̢۪ rights in America today
--Are U.S. courts biased against fathers in custody battles?
--How fathers can successfully win custody of their children
--The true story behind Rabies Mom

Tune in tonight at 10:00 pm Eastern on Political Pistachio Radio (Link is good for the archive later as well).

Sunday, May 4, 2008


Jonathan Davis, the lead singer of KORN, was born in Bakersfield, California. During his teenage years he recorded demos in his father’s studio. Later, he joined a band called Sex Art, Which also included Ryan Shuck (the guitarist of the current band Orgy). Sex Art was performing in a club one night when at the time L.A.P.D. was also performing which had James Shaffer and Brian Welch (Munky and Head of Korn) saw Jonathan Davis singing, and asked him to join their band Creep. After Jon got the job they later became Korn.

Jonathan's father, Rick Davis, first worked in the music industry with Glenn Campbell. He spent several years working for and learning from Gary S. Paxton (Alley Oop - and many other hits - Gary has been a Christian producer since the 1970's).

Rick Davis spent over 25 years in the music industry, touring, recording, managing, and then mentoring.

Rick's very successful brother, Mike Davis, is the Senior VP of Entertainment for Universal Theme Parks, Japan, and he is a former VP of entertainment for Disney.

Rick Davis' final tour was working for Ringo Starr on his 1989/90 All Star Band Tour.

Rick had a lifetime close working relationship with the late Buck Owens, operating Buck's recording studio for 16 years.

Jonathan Davis is my second cousin (once removed?). Rick is my mom's cousin. When Rick and Mike Davis were kids one of their strong musical influences was my grandfather. Grandpa loved gadgets and guitars, and he loved to show everyone how it all worked. Mike took to the guitar and musical side, and Rick was more into the gadgets. In the end, both brothers broke into the music industry, Mike as a singer, and Rick became involved in the production end of the industry.

I last spoke with Rick in person at my grandfather's funeral years ago. Jonathan will always be to me that quiet little kid that I ignored at family get togethers. Little did I know that the young man that studied to be a mortician in college would be the front man for one of the biggest rock bands in history.

Recently, I was thinking about doing a show on my Political Pistachio Radio about how the music industry and world of politics affect each other. When the idea formulated in my mind, the first person I thought of to request as a knowledgeable guest regarding the subject was Rick Davis (Papa KORN).

So, Monday night, after my guest hosting on the Andrea Shea King show, Political Pistachio Radio's guest is Rick Davis, the father of Jonathan Davis, to discuss how the music industry and the political cockroaches influence each other. Join us at 10:00 PM Eastern Time.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Back To Basics for the Republican Party

Among Conservatives the rumblings are constantly about how the Republican Party has left us, moving toward the left, using "Compassionate Conservatism" as an excuse to inject big government into the party. The Republican Party leadership is hardly conservative, and the current nomination for President of the United States, John McCain, is barely better than his two Democrat Party opponents.

The Republican Party has lost its way, and if it is not salvaged soon, the GOP will go the way of the Whigs.

A handbook for Republicans who feel in their heart that the basics of the Republican Party have been lost is on the bookshelves of bookstores today. Back to Basics for the Republican Party is a handbook for Republicans that explains how we need to return to our roots. The author of the book is Michael Zak.

Back to the Basics for the Republican Party is an acclaimed history of the Grand Ol' Party from the civil rights perspective, as well as recognizing the founding principles of the United States. Michael Zak believes that we can benefit greatly from knowing and appreciating the Republican Party's heritage.

Michael Zak is a popular speaker to Republican organizations around the country, and his book has been cited by Clarence Thomas in a Supreme Court decision. Hundreds of articles by Mr. Zak are available on the Grand Old Partison blog each day, celebrating 154 years of Republican heroes and heroics.

Tonight, Michael Zak is my guest on Political Pistachio Radio tonight at 10:00 PM Eastern Time.