Saturday, September 20, 2008

300 Episodes, Testimony, and The List of Liberalism

Today will be the 300th Episode of Political Pistachio Radio. The popular Blog Talk Radio Show began February 24, 2007. It began as a weekly show, airing every Saturday at 4pm Pacific. By the end of the summer the popularity of the program convinced me to increase the number of broadcasts eventally to nightly, and to pursue bigger and better guests. Past Guests have included Lee Culpepper (before he joined Townhall as one of their writers), Gary W. Moore (a number of times), Paul Ibbetson (before he became a terrestrial radio host), Governor James Gilmore (to explain why he dropped out of the GOP race for President), Atlas Shrugs, Terry Funderburk (business owner losing business to illegal aliens), Walid Shoebat, Andrea Shea King, Aaron Klein (Schmoozing With Terrorists), The Baron and Dymphna of The Gates of Vienna, William Russell, NBA Basketball Star Doug Christie and his wife Jackie, Sues of Warriors For Innocence, J.A. Konrath, Dr. Jerome Corsi (a few times), Kathleen Willey, Joseph Farah of World Net Daily, Al Garza (National Executive Director Minuteman Civil Defense Corps), Global Warming Experts Holly Fretwell and John Berlau, PCS Portico (during which a U.S. Troop in Afghanistan called into the show), Kitty Foth Regner, Alan Keyes, Rick Davis (Father of Jonathan Davis of the rock band KORN), Author David E. Meadows, U.N. Codex Alimentarius Expert, PUMA Organizer Will Bower, Joel Richardson, Why You're Wrong About The Right authors Joshpe and Cupp, Hollywood Director Tim Chey, The Case Against Barack Obama author David Freddoso, Lt. Col. Alan West, and Iraq War Tank Commander Nick Popaditch (The Cigar Marine) to name a few. Celebrate with us tonight the 300th episode of Political Pistachio Radio!

Tomorrow Night:

July 1, 1985 I fell asleep at the wheel of my vehicle, and what followed was two years of a battle against death, and a harrowing account of recovery. To this day my life is still affected by that dark episode of my life. Tonight I am going to give my full, detailed testimony regarding what happened to me twenty-three years ago. Even if you have heard my testimony before, you have not heard it in such vivid detail before. Catch my testimony of tragedy, hope, and eventual recovery at 6pm Pacific/9pm Eastern on Sunday Night on Political Pistachio Radio.

This Week:

The List of Liberalism by one of my liberal readers is as follows:

1. Americans are pro-choice (67 percent)

2. Americans support the Geneva Conventions with regards to torture (57 percent)

3. Americans don't want the government snooping in their bank and internet records (67 percent)

4. Americans support protecting the environment at the expense of economic growth (55 percent)

5. Americans believe that global warming is happening (86 percent)

6. Americans believe that it's the government's responsibility to provide health care (69 percent)
7. Americans support the decriminalization of marijuana (55 percent) and support the legalization of medical marijuana (78 percent)

8. Americans are opposed to attacking Iran (68 percent, CNN Poll)

9. Americans support labor unions (60 percent)

10. Americans want government funding of embryonic stem cell research (56 percent)

11. Americans believe rich people and corporations aren't paying enough taxes (66 and 71 percent respectively)

And then at the end of the list the person typed: Most Americans Are Liberal and They Don't Even Know It.

This week on Political Pistachio Radio I will spend four days addressing this list, and proving how naive and ignorant the writer is on these topics - The Liberal List series will broadcast Monday through Thursday this week at 10pm Eastern/7pm Pacific each night. Join us for an informative week on Political Pistachio Radio!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Our Military On Political Pistachio Radio

On The Radio This Week!

ONCE A MARINE - An Iraq War Tank Commander's Inspirational Story of Combat, Courage, and Recovery. Nick Popaditch appeared in an AP photo on April 9, 2003. The striking image was of the Marine tank commander smoking a victory cigar in his tank, the haunting statue of Saddam Hussein hovering in the background. "Gunny Pop" was immortalized forever as "The Cigar Marine." A year later he fought heroically in the First Battle for Fallujah and suffered head wounds that left him legally blind and partially deaf. The United States Marine Corps awarded him a Silver Star for his valor and combat innovation. Coming home, however, is when the toughest fight of his life began - a battle to remain the man and Marine he was. Join Political Pistachio Radio on Tuesday Night at 10:00 pm Eastern Time/7:00 pm Pacific for a riveting interview with Nick Popaditch, a Marine's Marine, a man who embodies everything noble and proud in the Corps' long tradition.

What You Missed Last Week:

Saturday Sgt. Michael Volkin joined us to discuss his latest book, The Accomplishments of Senator Barack Hussein Obama. (From the book's site, The Accomplishments of Senator Barack Hussein Obama is a comprehensive, factual book about presidential candidate Barack Obama. The book is based on hours of research, dozens of speeches and listening to dozens of his supporters. The Accomplishments of Barack Hussein Obama accounts for all the presidential qualifications of Senator Barack Obama.

Some of the various topics this book discusses are:

+ His Detailed Plans of Change
+ His Senate Accomplishments
+ His Presidential Qualifications
+ Important Points He Has Made Without a Teleprompter or Prepared Script

This book includes title page, copyright page, a complete table of contents, running page headers, and a conclusion. Each book's chapters, however, are BLANK!

Michael Volkin was the guest last Saturday on Political Pistachio Radio.

Also Last Week:

Mr. and Mrs. Cyber-Pastor's adventures at the Republican National Convention
Mr. and Mrs. CP on PPR

9/11 Anniversary with the Executive Director of Let's Get This Right .com, Sheridan Folger.
9/11 and Sheridan Folger on PPR

The Political Director, Dr. Bill Smith, of Let's Get This Right .com joined us to discuss the Republican National Convention, Election 2008, and how the New Media is becoming a major force in shaping the public's opinion and the rebirth of the Conservative Movement.
Dr. Bill Smith, Political Director of LGTR on PPR

Paul Volosen of joined us to discuss the rise of Sarah Palin, as well as the continually changing upcoming election.
McCain/Palin 2008 on PPR

Amateur Kick Boxer Scott Venrick joined Political Pistachio to answer the question, does violence beget violence?
Does Violence Beget Violence? Let's Ask A Kick Boxer on PPR

Alfonzo of MachoSauceProduction joins us to talk about being a black conservative, and why Conservativism is on the rise.
Macho Sauce Production on PPR

On the Blogs:

Doug Battles As He Adjusts To His New Life as a Trucker.

Newt Gingrich Shuts Up MSNBC.

I Remember 9/11.

See you next weekend (or earlier should a key guest come up) -


Monday, September 1, 2008

A Call From The Republican National Convention on Political Pistachio Radio

Every once in a while on Political Pistachio Radio we experience pleasant surprises. Tonight on Political Pistachio Radio, as Mrs. Pistachio and I debated the abortion issue with a panel of callers, Dr. Deborah Honeycutt called in to join the discussion.

Dr. Deborah Honeycutt is running in the 13th district of Georgia for Congress and is in Minnesota to attend the Republican National Convention. Her campaign site on the main page says this: ". . . our United States government is facing a moral crisis. As a country we are in danger of forsaking the moral cornerstone upon which our nation was founded. No longer do many of our leaders make decisions based on constitutional imperatives, time-honored values, or Christian principles. Foundational phrases like “One Nation under God” and “In God We Trust,” which symbolize the genesis of our nation, are daily being assaulted by individuals and organizations with seemingly socialist agendas. Activist judges are virtually making laws from their benches, thereby usurping the powers of our U.S. Congress. Members of Congress are challenging the constitutional powers of the executive branch. The executive branch through utilizing executive orders is making judicial decrees. Where established order is not upheld, there is chaos. The current political chaos does not serve the citizens of our country well."

Listen to the episode of Political Pistachio Radio she called into HERE.

Visit Dr. Honeycutt's site to learn more about her campaign and to donate HERE.