Sunday, October 26, 2008

Hate and Discontent on Political Pistachio Radio

The Liberal Mindset. It is interesting how much the Liberal Left proclaims it is progressing toward perfection, that they are somehow more moral and tolerant than everyone else, yet spew such hatred and discontent. I have family members that are hard-left liberal that have actually decided to stop talking to me because I am (in their words) clueless, attributing to the demise of our country, ignorant, a hilarious failure, lose when a bull-shit indicator is applied, a useful idiot, a waste of energy, a part of the shadow of disgusting and immoral Bush Politics, irresponsible, unintelligent, and the cause of tragedy in this world.

How lovely. Note that none of the Conservatives, or non-liberals, in the family play these kinds of games.

I receive e-mails constantly as well from liberals out there that spew the same kind of crap. I receive hateful comments from a dozen or so Political Pistachio readers that call me everything from liar to religious zealot.

And these are the folks that call themselves tolerant and loving.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden says a lot of things, but listen carefully and you will see that whenever he opens his mouth, the truth seems to fail to fill his language. . .

Proposition 8 is causing a lot of theft, vandalism, hate and discontent in California, and that is by the folks that support Gay Marriage and are against the Proposition.

When talking about the far left liberals, listen carefully, the deception is evident - and they don't even realize it. Rather than allowing God to reach out to them, they are too busy trying to elevate humanity to a godlike level - with Hope and Change and flowers and unicorns and . . .

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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Political Pistachio Extravaganza!

Liberal Talker 2000 Answers Questions Truthfully - what does this electronic liberal have to say about Abortion, Torture, Environentalism, Health Care, Drugs, Iran, Iraq, Labor Unions, Stem Cell Research, and Taxes? Tune in tonight to find out!

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Sunday, October 5, 2008

American Socialism, Biden/Palin Debate, Liberal Bias of Mainstream Media. . .

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