Sunday, April 29, 2007

You heard it first on Political Pistachio Radio

First, you heard it first that Political Pistachio has finally received some national attention. Granted, it is in a tabloid, but it's a start. The May 7th issue of National Enquirer on page 35 my theory regarding the possibility of an accomplice in the Virginia Tech shootings is quoted with reference to myself and Political Pistachio.

Second, Phil from Holy Chalice, known to some as Night Rider, has decided it is time to take an extended break from the internet. His blog has been shut down, and he has told me that he needs a break from the news of the world.

Phil, we will be waiting for your return. God bless.

Archive of the last show is available to be listened to on the media player in the sidebar of this site.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Mrs. Pistachio is now a citizen

Mrs. Pistachio thanks you all for the congratulatory comments on Political Pistachio, via e-mail, and on the other sites such as Right Angle and Heading Right. The idiot libs, and Mrs. Pistachio's experience at the ceremony to become a citizen of the United States will both be addressed at the next episode of Political Pistachio Radio Saturday at 4pm Pacific/7pm Eastern. Call in at (646) 652-2940 to chime in, or to tell Mrs. Pistachio congrats on the air. Looking forward to hearing from you.

And like last week, My Point Radio is once again following PPR on BlogTalk Radio. Dave and Jenn's show is definitely worth listening to, and one of the fastest growing shows on internet radio. I respect them greatly (even if Dave doesn't like my shirts!)

Political Pistachio has the sharpest readers and listeners on the web. Let's make the show sizzle!

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Last show hasn't archived yet. . .

so I've sent an e-mail to blogtalk radio for them to fix it. They should be on it soon. Thanks for your patience.


Friday, April 20, 2007

Political Pistachio Radio and My Point - Back to Back again!

Alec Baldwin'ss rant and rave against his daughter will be discussed by Mrs. Pistachio (who is 2 months from receiving her Psychology Degree), along with a dissection of what happened at Virginia Tech, the U.K.'s decision to ban the term "War on Terror," and the ban on Partial Birth Abortions being upheld by The Supreme Court, on Political Pistachio Radio.

And ATLAS SHRUGS WILL BE MY POINT RADIO'S GUEST after the end of my show. You can't miss it!

The best two hours in Internet Radio.

Saturday at 4pm Pacific/7pm Eastern is Political Pistachio Radio with yours truly and Mrs. Pistachio (who rocks!) Then at 5pm Pacific/8pm Eastern will be My Point Radio starring Dave and Jenn with their special guest Atlas Shrugs (and Gunny John will chime in as well).

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Virginia Tech Shootings

It is said that the photos and video sent to NBC by Cho Seung-Hui moments before he slaughtered 30 innocents at Norris Hall on the Virginia Tech campus were taken with a cell phone. If that's the case, Cho did not act alone. He had help.

And you may ask, "How, Doug, did you come up with such a crazy hypothesis?"

Look carefully at the pictures.

See how centered they are? See how perfectly framed they are? Ever done that on your own with your cell phone, much less any photo taking device?

Somebody took those photos of Cho. Someone knows more about this. That person may have assisted, or was too scared to come forward after realizing what Cho was up to or what he had done.

I pray for those victims that died at the hands of this madman.

And for those out there (specifically, the commenters on Political Pistachio) that thinks I'm off my rocker for my position on this - Are you nuts?

Political Pistachio - The world has gone nuts, and you are siding with it.

To shame.

We will talk about this, the ban on an abortion procedure being upheld, and the banning of the term "War on Terror" in the U.K., this Saturday on Political Pistachio Radio. Tune in at 4pm Pacific/7pm Eastern live, or catch the archive later.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Gunman slays 33 including himself at Virginia Tech

Prayer for those in the crossfire

I spent most of my day yesterday behind the wheel of a big rig transporting equipment between Orange County, San Bernardino County, and Riverside County in Southern California. When days like this come up where I spend most of my day driving, it enables me to spend a lot of time listening to the radio. I was shocked at the events developing at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, Virginia.

A gunman went on a rampage, reportedly killing 32 plus himself, and injuring twenty plus, in the most horrific and worst mass killing in the history of the United States. This campus shooting began, authorities believe, with a killing of two in a dormatory, and then two hours later, equipped with a 9mm and .22 caliber weapon, and a jacket of clips, the gunman went from class to class at Norris Hall killing at will.

On Michelle Malkin's site, an e-mail from a student at Virginia Tech that had been trapped in one of the classrooms, baracaded as the shooter fires shots through the door they blocked only seconds before, gives a chilling first-hand account of the events.

I have no opinion on yesterday's events other than that they are chilling, and that thoughts of my wife who goes to a local university in pursuit of her bachelors degree, and my children who are roughly the same age as the students at Virginia Tech, came to mind. My prayers go out to those slain, to the parents of those gunned down, and to the students who survived, but will be affected by this for the rest of their lives.

Pray with me for their healing.

This story will be discussed on Saturday, 4pm Pacific/7pm Eastern on Political Pistachio Radio. Join Mrs. Pistachio ad myself for the broadcast.

This post has been cross-posted at all of my sites.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

No more Mudkitty, and thank you to a few folks

The April 14, 2007 installment of Political Pistachio Radio was fantastic. Mrs. Pistachio hammered away at the issues, I relaxed and my personality surfaced on the airwaves, Mudkitty finally received a banishment decree from Political Pistachio, and the issue regarding Imus and his "nappy-headed ho's" remark was addressed with zeal.

I wish to thank Dave from My Point Radio, OBOB from OBob's World, and Phil from Holy Chalice for calling in. They made the show even better. Mudkitty also called in, but I decided to place her on infinite hold. Mrs. Pistachio felt I was harsh, and that my actions were out of character, but I felt at that time that it was necessary to preserve the validity of my show.

If you missed it, and would like to listen to the mayhem, it is ready for you on the archive. Click here to partake.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Today's show tackles Imus, terrorism, congress, Mexico & Mudkitty

Tune in today at 4pm Pacific/7pm Eastern for Political Pistachio Radio!

Click HERE

or listen to the archive later!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

My Point Follows Political Pistachio this Saturday!

This coming Saturday set aside two hours for superior radio programming by myself at 4pm Pacific/7pm Eastern, and My Point Radio at 5pm Pacific/8pm Eastern.
Two shows back to back - it doesn't get much better than that!

Monday, April 9, 2007

My biggest fan

During Easter Dinner I found out that my sister is an avid listener to the show on Blog Talk Radio. The conversation at dinner wound up being all about the show. Wow.

And I got an e-mail from Gary's publisher as well. He loved the show.

Man, with all these fans, I may have to make the show better, or something, or perhaps add another one.

We'll see.

Till the next show,

God Bless.

Sunday, April 8, 2007

What Gary W. Moore thought of the Show


I think you and Virginia are naturals for the radio. I have been on almost 200 radio and TV interviews since September and yours ranks among the best. Thank you for the opportunity to be on your show. I am truly grateful.

Yes I will call you next time I am going to be in LA or anywhere in Southern CA. Let’s keep in touch!


Warmest Regards,


Saturday, April 7, 2007

Should I laugh or cry?

On Political Pistachio Radio I interviewed Gary W. Moore (author of Playing With The Enemy) on April 7, 2007. The show was a rousing success. Gary was a fantastic guest, Tisha from Brussels called in revealing the show's international appeal, and Phil called in near the end which turned out to be good since I was at rope's end with my questions.

What could go wrong?

Growing up in a household run by a United States Marine war veteran, and myself serving in the United States Navy, taught me to pay special attention to detail. Sometimes I drive Mrs. Pistachio nuts with my nearly obsessive attention to the little things in life. And when people around me don't worry about little things that I find important, it drives me up the wall.

I don't squeeze the toothpaste in the middle, I roll it from the bottom up. I fold my towels and shirts with two folds. I don't leave the refrigerator open for any length of time. And I hang up the phone when I am finished speaking on it.

So, after the fantastic episode of Political Pistachio today with Gary Moore as my guest, I was enthusiastic. Excited. Vocal about my feelings.

And Mrs. Pistachio had set down her phone and walked out of the room as the show concluded, without pushing the button on it which would disconnect it from the line.

Little did I know, when I hung up mine, that her line was still active.

And I said, "That went soooo freakin' well."

Now, to my surprise, my reaction is forever archived at BlogTalk Radio, because Mrs. Pistachio's phone picked up my exhuberance.

What kind of person finishes a phone call, sets down their phone without hanging it up, and walks away?

And when I twisted in confusion regarding how to react to this revelation, my wonderful wife looked me in the eye, and began to laugh.

Perhaps my belt's too tight.

By the way, there are still plenty of Political Pistachio bumper stickers available. E-mail me if you want one, and I will send it out immediately, at no charge to you.

Friday, April 6, 2007

Gary W. Moore joins us on Political Pistachio Radio

The next Political Pistachio Radio Show is going to be a good one. Mrs. Pistachio and myself will be joined by Gary W. Moore, author of "Playing With The Enemy." Tune in. It will be a great show. Remember, Saturday at 4pm Pacific/7pm Eastern for the live show, or you can listen to the archive later.