Saturday, June 30, 2007

Bob Anderson from "What Are We Fighting For?"

Today's guest on Political Pistachio Radio is Bob Anderson from the organization, What Are We Fighting For?

After an extended trip to Louisiana, Mr. Anderson is thankfully taking the time to talk to us. The questions I will ask him will explore Terrorism (especially as it pertains to Terrorism in America) and his view regarding the need to re-Americanize America.

Tune in today at 4pm Pacific/7pm Eastern at BlogTalkRadio.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Political Pistachio Gets Torpedoed!

Jeff Edwards is a retired U.S. Navy Chief Petty Officer and an Anti-Submarine Warfare Specialist. He chased Soviet submarines during the Cold War, and launched cruise missiles in the Persian Gulf. His twenty-three year career spanned the globe. He is now an expert civilian consultant to the Naval Space Warfare Systems Center and the Fleet Anti-Submarine Warfare Command, the Navy's think tank for high-tech undersea warfare.

Jeff Edwards is also the author of Torpedo, a book with a plot ripped from today's headlines. Torpedo was the winner of the 2005 Admiral Nimitz Award for Outstanding Naval Fiction from the Military Writers Society of America (a writers organization I am also a member of). Jeff Edwards is a member of both the Military Writers Society of America, and the American Authors Association(of which I am also a member of as well!). Saturday, June 23, 2007 he will be my guest on Political Pistachio Radio to talk about his book (which combines an accident at a nuclear power plant, and illegal arms deal, and a biological warfare attack to ignite a crisis that would pull Europe, the Middle East, and the U.S. into an all-out war!), Torpedo, and the state of the art weaponry referred to in the book.

Tune in to the broadcast live at 4pm Pacific/7pm Eastern, or catch the archive later right here at Political Pistachio. Call in to the show to ask him questions (646) 652-2940, or Yahoo Instant Message me (ID: douglasvgibbs).

Sunday, 6pm Pacific, June 24th, 2007 I will be the guest on Independently Correct Radio hosted by Paul Couturier to discuss the ferocity of my recent blog posts, and the Gay Marriage initiatives in Massachusetts.

Tuesday, 4pm Pacific, June 26th, 2007 I will be the co-host of Triple Threat on Daniel Myers Live radio show to discuss current events, and challenge the liberals with some conservative wisdom.

As an added note, My Point Radio is not going to broadcast on Saturdays directly following PPR for a while. Their upcoming schedule is as follows:

Jun 25, 6:00PM Pacific, Jun 28, 5:00PM Pacific, Jul 2, 6:00PM Pacific, Jul 5, 5:00PM Pacific, Jul 9, 6:00PM Pacific.

Also, Jenn of the Jungle from Screw Liberals dot com has her own show on Sundays at 2pm Pacific, so give it a listen. It's a little wacky, a little hard hitting, and a whole lot of fun.

Wednesday at 6pm Pacific check out my good friend at Political Vindication

And Finally catch Andrea Shea King on BlogTalkRadio Monday through Thursday at 6pm Pacific Time, and join the chatroom for her show at

For the next week I will be at my little slice of heaven on the Oregon Coast - Gawfer's seen the pictures, he knows! Anyhow, be rest assured, I will still pay the local library a visit to post my articles, and check my e-mail! And those two shows I'm going to be a guest on will be from a wooden deck overlooking a marvelous landscape of American forest! Tune in to those two shows, you might hear a description of what I see, and why I'm there!

God Bless.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Playing With The Enemy on Political Pistachio Radio

The day before Father's Day Gary W. Moore was my guest on Political Pistachio Radio. And as expected, the show was wonderful. He is a class act, and a great guest. His book, Playing With The Enemy, is a wonderful story about how even though our dreams may not come into being, the journey of life is what is important. Blessings sometimes grow from unexpected branches.Ted Savas, Gary's publisher, was also on the show, and relayed the fascinating story on how he reluctantly discovered Gary W. Moore.Listen to the episode HERE

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Broken Chances and Suffering Redeemed

Gene Moore had life ahead of him. At 15 the Brooklyn Dodgers had a scout in Sesser Illinois checking out his play at catcher for the local baseball team. World War II and tragedy after tragedy followed. His life became one of broken dreams, and life took turns Gene did not expect. And through it all he learned that it was those tragedies that made him the man he needed to be, and gave him the life he desired. Life is a long journey, and sometimes the destination is not always in sight.

Gary W. Moore pieced together the fractured details of his father’s life and put it all into a book. The story of Gene Moore’s journey through baseball, World War II, being a prison guard over German POW’s and teaching them baseball, and reaching a triumph he didn’t expect, is all in Playing With The Enemy. Gary and his publisher will be my guests today on Political Pistachio Radio.

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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Contest for an Autographed Copy of "Playing With The Enemy"

The most intelligent bloggers on this planet, specifically the readers and friends of Political Pistachio, have an opportunity to win an autographed copy of Playing With The Enemy: Soon to be a major motion picture! If you love heartwarming stories about baseball, World War II, destiny, character, family, and second chances, Playing With The Enemy is a book for you.

To win your free, autographed copy, send a question you would like me to ask Gary on this Saturday's Political Pistachio Radio Show at or (please put "Playing With The Enemy Contest" in the subject line) and on Saturday's show the two best interview questions from Political Pistachio readers will be chosen, and those will be the winners of the free autographed books. Enter Today!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Playing With The Enemy

Twenty years ago Ronald Reagan electrified millions of people behind the Iron Curtain when he demanded in a speech, "Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!"

Sixty-seven years ago Gene Moore played baseball in Sesser, Illinois on a neighborhood team called the Egyptions. He was a big farm kid, six feet tall and only fifteen years old, when he was first noticed by a big league scout.

One year from now the story of Gene Moore will reach the big screen as a major motion picture. The movie is based on a book written by Gene's son, Gary W. Moore, titled: Playing With The Enemy.

After World War II the Cold War between the United States and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics commenced.

When World War II came to America in late 1941 in the form of an attack on Pearl Harbor, Gene Moore's baseball career was put on hold and he entered the United States Navy.

Nuclear tensions shaped society through the 1950's and 60's, marked by nuclear bombing drills where kids hid under their desks, and McCarthy searched for those that conspired with the enemy.

The reality of war shaped Gene Moore's life as he joined a special military baseball team created to entertain the troops in North Africa and played the game he loved as fighting loomed in the distance (eventually reaching the ball field and killing his centerfielder).

During the Cold War in East Berlin citizens feared secret police, enemy spies, and the stigma of Nazi Germany.

During World War II, after Gene Moore was no longer required to play baseball for the troops, he was sent to guard German prisoners of war in Louisiana, eventually teaching them to play baseball, and creating bonds that would last a lifetime.

During the 1980's communism was in crisis. Corruption had reached crippling levels. The technological revolution threatened to leave centrally planned economies permanently behind. Communism had failed its true believers. In East Germany, anger built until by 1989 five percent of German adults had taken the risk of being branded disloyal by requesting exit visas. Hungary began allowing East German tourists to slip through to the West, and it was becoming obvious, thanks to Reagan's strategies, that Marxism-Leninism would not be able to stay in place. Yet, despite the unrest, most Germans were still convinced that the prospect of a single Germany was a fantasy, even weeks before the wall fell.

May 13, 1983 Gene Moore passed away, leaving only clues about his past as it pertained to World War II and Baseball. Gene's wife was the only person that knew all of the details of Gene's remarkable life story, and it wasn't until much later that Gary W. Moore, his son, began putting the pieces together and began to write the book, Playing With The Enemy.

Communism became one of the numerous failures of history. Ronald Reagan first saw the Berlin Wall in 1978, and told his aide Peter Hannaford, "We've got to find a way to knock this thing down." After Reagan became president, he returned in 1982 and enraged the Soviets by taking a couple of ceremonial steps across a painted border line. Then, in 1987, he overruled his own State Department by giving the momentous speech in which he implored the general secretary directly to tear down the wall.

It wasn't until Gary W. Moore truly understood the history of his father's life that he was able to understand many of the shadowy incidents of his own past as they related to his father, Gene Moore. It was then that he truly understood the man he called father, and came to appreciate him in ways that he wished he could have told his father while he still walked the Earth.

It wasn't until after the tide of history changed and the Berlin Wall fell that we truly understood the reasons for Reagan's actions when dealing with the Soviets. The fallen Berlin Wall was both a vindication of the West's refusal to give in to the Soviets and a tribute to the spirit of those dissenters behind the Iron Curtain. Sadly, Russia is slipping back into authoritarianism.

The movie based on Gary W. Moore's book, Playing With The Enemy, will premiere in theaters on Fathers Day 2008, and the countdown begins on Political Pistachio Radio this Saturday. His publisher has authorized my radio show to give away two autographed copies of the book to two lucky listeners. To determine who receives these free copies I have devised a contest, and the two winners will win the two books. To be eligible to win simply submit questions you would like me to ask Gary W. Moore during the show, and the two best questions will receive a plug for their site and an autographed copy of Playing With The Enemy from the writer himself. Also, on the show, Ted Savas, Gary's publisher, will also be on the show, to give us insight on how he came to discover Gary and his fantastic story.

Submit the questions to douglasvgibbs at yahoo dot com, or to politicalpistachio at yahoo dot com. Please type "Playing With The Enemy" in the subject line.

Good Luck!

To see a video of Reagan's historic speech, CLICK HERE

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Political Pistachio Raises Cancer Awareness

Today's guest is Rob Ballister. Blog Talk Radio has taken notice and wrote a blog entry regarding the show. Read the blog post HERE.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Cancer on Political Pistachio Radio

My son was recently diagnosed with testicular cancer. Last Friday he underwent surgery to remove the cancerous mass, and yesterday underwent a CT Scan to make sure the cancer has not spread to the rest of his body, primarily through his lymphatic system. The readers of Political Pistachio have been following this story as news becomes available, and their comment and e-mail response has been wonderful.

The President of the American Authors Association, Maria Edwards, contacted me and recommended that I speak with Rob Ballister, for he has endured the same cancer. After e-mailing with him, it was agreed that our interaction ought to take place on Blog Talk Radio. Rob Ballister, as a result, will be my guest on Political Pistachio Radio this upcoming Saturday.

Rob Ballister is the author of the book "God Does Have a Sense of Humor." He is a Naval Academy graduate and is currently an officer serving in the United States Navy. His book is about his journey through dating, growing up in New Jersey, and surviving Testicular Cancer. His cancer also spread into his lymphatic system, and the battle became long and arduous. Now, as a cancer survivor, he has chosen to use humor and wit to tell about his battle with the dreadly disease. The opportunity to have him on Political Pistachio to relay his pearls of wisdom is especially important to me, considering my son's current battle with the same type of cancer.

As an added note, when I last received an e-mail from Rob, he was eager to send my son an autographed copy of his book, hoping that his story would be inspirational to my 22 year old son as he continues through this stressful part of his young life. The book is on its way.

Listen this Saturday, 4pm Pacific/7pm Eastern. Political Pistachio Radio.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Make A Difference - Vote For Common Sense - Write In Cary Cartter for President in 2008

Monday Campaign Notes

I received this e-mail from a close friend after he listened to the Political Pistachio Radio show from Saturday, June 2. Douglas Gibbs had invited me on as the primary guest. My friend (I'll call him "Toby") has some good points, and I will address them throughout:


Thank you for your service to our country! I consider you a good friend and I want you to succeed!

Thank you, Toby. I'd like to succeed, also.

I agree with most everything you stand for because I'm a right-wing conservative through and through. I have, generally, just a few minor points of disagreement and they probably have to do with interpretation. I know you are serious about your concern for this country and your fellow man. But what I'm not sure about is your seriousness about being elected President in 2008. I think you enjoy the rhetoric, but not campaigning for the Presidency. And, it seems to me, you don't think or act in terms of one anticipating actually serving as the President. I hope I'm wrong.

Serious? I'm serious about getting attention paid to what We The People are trying to tell our so-called representatives. They don't seem to be listening, and if my campaign gets their attention, and they think about what they are doing to this country, then my job is finished. No, I don't enjoy campaigning - especially since I have a daughter I would rather be spending my free time with - but it is for her sake that I want this country to correct it's course back to the conservative roots it was founded on.

How does one act in anticipation of uprooting his family, living in two places, and trying to run the country when one's wife does not wish to travel? I am constantly struggling with what the future might bring. If I do end up in the Oval Office, what effect will it have on not just my family, but my church family? As you know, I'm involved in the leadership of the church - what will happen if I need to take a long break? How will the exposure affect my family and my church? Will the media dig into all the past details of everyone involved? They tend to have less compassion for past acts that have been forgiven than we as Christians do.

Let me ask a few hard questions that I think anyone who considers writing in your name on a ballot must ask-

How is voting for you not like throwing away my vote?

I can't guarantee that voting for me would not be throwing away your vote, anymore than voting for any of the candidates would be throwing away your vote. I know that voting for me would be taking votes away from career politicians, which is a good thing in the long run, but my hope is that enough dissatisfied people in both parties, the ones who have common sense, and don't like the direction the country is headed, will vote for me - and if that's enough to land me in DC, then so be it. God is in control, and places our leaders in position. Maybe this latest iteration of leadership is God's way of issuing a wake up call to this country - "See what happens when you don't pay attention?" I don't know.

Besides being a former Marine and running for President, what have you done and what are you doing that puts into action the things you stand for on a local, state or national level?

Locally - I don't use day labor. The majority of the day labor pool is in this country illegally. Yes, there are some legal residents who make themselves available through day labor, or Home Depot curb service, but I can't see taking that chance statistically. On a state level, I communicate with my representatives on the issues. On a National level, I have managed to get Ed Pastor to send me a note saying he wasn't going to respond to faxes that I have sent through a third party system - especially since he has made his position clear. So much for letting your "representatives" know how you feel. No, I didn't vote for him - but since he does "represent" my disctrict, shouldn't he know how I feel? I make my feelings known on my blog, (I'm Thinking of the "O" Word) and through comments left on other blogs.

How can you succeed when so many others (with training, experience and political clout) have failed?

Again, no guarantees. But, since I don't have the clout, I also am not subject to influence by major factors - corporations, money funds, whatever. I am an average working joe - and I think that my outlook on politics is pretty close to what the rest of the working nation is - that this country is not the first concern of the Career Politicians.

There they are. I believe when you have done a good job of answering these then you have something to offer the voting public that will cause them to hear you and consider you. I offer them only to assist you in your bid for the Presidency and not to discourage you.

Like I said before, Thank You - not only for believing in me, but for caring enough to give the feedback you have.

We all (me included) are great Monday morning quarterbacks, but the people who win games go in knowing what it takes to win. Lots of people know what's wrong (or at least think they do) - what "we the people" need is someone who not only has a plan to fix it, but can provide leadership on many levels and draw together not only friends of one's positions but enemies to them. I am unsure that it can be done without being able to understand and use politics to one's advantage - political savvy. Political savvy goes way beyond knowing the rules and the issues and certainly requires considerable experience.

You are absolutely correct - political savvy goes a long way - in the environment that is in place now. But like I asked on the program, Why don't WE THE PEOPLE know what it takes to run this country? Why the secrecy? Why the back-room dealings? Why can't the average concerned citizen step up and take part in the representative republic we call The United States of America? I think it needs to change back to being a government OF the people, BY the people, and most importantly FOR the people.

Your friend and brother in Christ,


P.S.- Concerning the radio talk show:

I'm not familiar with the general format, but I thought you weren't given enough time to make your major points.

I'll let Doug know. I'm sure he'd appreciate the feedback - but it is his show, and he loves to talk. That's why he has the show.

I also think I disagree with you on one fundamental point - once a society accepts law as having a place in that society the only thing that law can do is legislate what actions are acceptable in the legal sense - which is a form of morality. Law cannot by its very nature control one's thinking of murder or theft, but can only hope to curtail such socially unacceptable behavior by enforcement of restrictions and punishments. Crime may not necessarily be a sin, but our legal system is without a doubt based upon a view of the morality portrayed in the Bible.

Good point. There is also the philosophy of "societal legal agreement" - that is, once a set of rules has been agreed upon, with agreed upon consequences if said rules (or laws) have been breeched, then all in that society must abide by the same laws. If authority allows certain segments of the population to ignore the rules, or if a certain segment of the population does not receive the agreed upon punishment for not following the rules, then you have other segments of the population that will start testing which rules are enforced. Once this starts, then the segment of the population that has the moral backbone to continue to follow the rules in spite of them not being enforced will start to get very upset with authority - and either revolution or replacement is the next step.

Thanks for taking the time to voice your concerns, "Toby" - without feedback, I am not sure if I am leading a parade or marching to my own drum solo.

For my loyal readers, a reading assignment. I've already alluded to the topic a couple of paragraphs ago. Swing over to Bill Whittle's site and read "You Are Not Alone" (part one). Bill is a very good writer, even if he's not regular, and he has been instrumental in inspiring some of my framework.

If you feel you are Out of Voting Choices, then choose to Make a Difference - write in Cary Cartter for President in November 2008. Please help me get the word out.

If you would like to know more about my stand, please visit my blog. If you have any questions you would like to see addressed, or if you would like to help spread the word about my campaign, you can e-mail me here.

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