Sunday, May 10, 2009

Sebelius Health Secretary Is a Bad Idea, Universal Health Mistake, Murderous Abortion

Saturday Night Founding Truth held Open Mike Night - Loki and I answered your Constitutional questions, and the results were quite interesting. . . .

Then, on the Political Pistachio Radio Revolution, James Lansberry, President of Health Care Sharing Ministries and Samaritan Ministries International, joined us to discuss how Kathleen Sebelius took money from Abortionist Tiller, the dangers of Universal Health Care, Medicare and Medicaid shortcomings, and the horrors of abortion.

Following the Interview I provided commentary on how liberals neglect to realize the consequences for their political actions, Chrysler's Bankruptcy, GM to build more cars overseas, How doing business in America is becoming bad for business, The labor union voting block, Birthdays, Mom is a rock of the family, Israel Calls up Missile Reservists, What if Mexico attacked San Diego (comparing Israel's Liberals with ours), Israel the Lone Ranger, Replacing Old Capitalism with American Socialism, Barney Frank's Economic Patriotism - Change We Can't Believe In, Cap and Trade: largest tax hike in U.S. History, The Lies of Man-Made Global Warming, Right Wing Extremism: Excuse to Fine and Jail Conservative Bloggers on the Internet, Understanding Secular Humanism: Erasing God and Morality to Glorify Man, Liberalism's quest for power - only the meanest survives, the Difference between Religion and Faith, Why Do I Call the Show Political Pistachio.

Catch the Archive of the broadcast HERE.

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