Friday, May 22, 2009

Former Palestinian Terrorist Speaks Out Against Islamic Jihad

Walid Shoebat joins Political Pistachio Radio tonight during the second hour to discuss:

- As the Taliban and Al Qaeda make inroads into Pakistan, it comes as no surprise to Former Terrorist Walid Shoebat because he predicted it over two years ago!

- Iran has a missile that can reach Israel, and their nukes are nearly finished. Now that Israel is in Iran's crosshairs, what, if anything, should the U.S. do?

- FBI foils homegrown New York Muslim terror attack on a Jewish Temple and military aircraft! The men reportedly planned to use C-4 plastic explosives to detonate a car outside a Bronx Jewish Temple, and to fire missiles at military planes at Newburgh, New York Air National Guard base - but when the deal came down, the would-be terrorists were sold fake weapons and were arrested. With the potential of imminent attacks on U.S. soil, how can the United States prevent the worst? Would understanding fundamentalist Islam be a start?

- The terrorists don't care who the president of the United States is, but are emboldened by a show of weakness by Barack Obama. Walid Shoebat will discuss how our president is showing weakness, and why this emboldens Jihadists.

- Closing Guantanamo Bay prison is dangerous. Allowing Islamic Terrorists from Gitmo into the American prison system would be devastating to our national security. But if the prison in Cuba is closed, what to do with the prisoners?

- The Holy Bible is a Middle Eastern book, and Walid Shoebat will also shed light on prophecy from a perspective Western Christians never recognized before - until now!

Join us tonight live on Political Pistachio Radio. The program begins live at 7pm Pacific, 10pm Eastern, and then into the second hour of the program, Walid Shoebat will join us live. Tune in to tonight's show live, or to the archive later, HERE.

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