Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The Week Coming Up. . .


This is the upcoming schedule for Political Pistachio Radio:

Tuesday, March 4: Mark B. Pickering, Author of "Story of the Sand"

Wednesday, March 5: Minuteman Project Executive Director Al Garza to discuss illegal immigration

Thursday, March 6: Competitive Enterprise Institute analyst John Berlau to discuss man-made Global Warming

Friday, March 7: Political Pistachio Radio will be taking a break on Friday, but I will still join the panel of hosts on CIR Radio at 9pm Eastern that evening.

Saturday, March 8: After Founding Truth, I will discuss the major topics of the week, and of course field your calls.

Sunday, March 9: Personal Pistachio - With Boot Camp behind me, only four more months of school and adventure before I return to my bride as a uniformed sailor. But did I really expect that adventure back east to include lots of beer and women?

Monday, March 10: Michael P. Donnelly, Esq. of the Home School Legal Defense Association joins us to discuss the German Homeschooled girl taken from her family, and how in the U.S. (particularly in D.C. and California) there is a movement to ban Home Schooling!

And of course every Monday night at 9pm Eastern you can find me co-hosting with Andrea Shea King on her show!

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