Monday, March 17, 2008

Iraq War Vet for Congress versus Murtha, Dr. Corsi on the North American Union, and Is the U.S. funding terrorism?

The week ahead is exciting. Tonight on Political Pistachio Radio my guest is William Russell, Iraq War Veteran, and Candidate for the U.S. Congress. His opponent will be John Murtha. But Mr. Russell's campaign has been met with dirty tactics by the Murtha camp that knocked Bill off of the ballot, and an internal problem that left him momentarily without a campaign manager. Join us tonight at 10pm Eastern to discuss with him the difficulties of running against a dirty politician like John Murtha, and of course why it is so important for a conservative like William Russell to be voted back on the ballot on April 22, 2008 during the Pennsylvania Primary. Listen Here.

There is no show on Tuesday night. I will be in Arizona to attend a pre-season Angels baseball game, and afterward meet with a few bloggers in the area for dinner.

Dr. Jerome Corsi of World Net Daily joins us on Wednesday to discuss the rising problem of globalism, and the steps being taken to bring about a United North America in the form of a North American Union. Recently, in a press conference that was conducted in support of the Mexican Trucks Program, Dr. Corsi was banned from joining the news conference. Join us to hear what Dr. Corsi has to say about that, as well as the politicians that support a global alliance.

On Thursday we ask the question: Is the U.S. funding terrorism? I have invited James Hutchens, PhD, a former U.S. Military Chaplain who retired as a Brigadier General, and the President of the JerUSAlem Connection magazine to join Political Pistachio on Thursday.

Did you miss last night's Personal Pistachio? It was a powerful episode. I explained my automobile accident, my time in intensive care, my time in a deep coma, and my realization to why it all had happened to me. Catch the archive. . . you'll be glad you did.

Next week I am planning to have on the show Terry, a Christian from Ornaments of Grace to discuss her post "Does Anyone Even Care???".

I have also invited next week an undefeated amateur kickboxer, Scott Venrick, to discuss the misconceptions about kickboxing and mixed martial arts fighting in regards to its alleged contribution to the violence in society.

And don't forget tonight I co-host with Andrea Shea King, on Fridays I join MD Conservative on CIR Radio, and I co-host with Loki on Founding Truth on Saturdays as we travel through the U.S. Constitution.

God Bless,

Douglas V. Gibbs

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