Saturday, December 29, 2007

New Year's Weekend

New Years Eve Andrea Shea King, myself, and Mrs. Pistachio are teaming up to greet the New Year. Thirty minutes before Midnight on the East Coast at Andrea's BTR Show it will be New Years with Andrea and the Pistachios! Then, three hours later Andrea will join Political Pistachio to greet the New Year on the West Coast.

But first, today, Political Pistachio will have our Year End Special with audio clips from many of this year's shows (and perhaps a couple from 2006 when I first discovered Blog Talk Radio on My Point Radio).

And you know, it's a busy weekend on Blog Talk Radio. Here's the shows I will be listening to (all times Pacific):

----------Today - - -

The New Talkmaster at 9am

Paul Ibbetson - Straight Talk Radio @ 1pm

Loki's Halls of Valhalla on A Newt One @ 5pm

Gold Meddles with Jacob Gold (I called into his show on the 27th, by the way) @ 8pm

------------Sunday, December 30 (again, remember the times are Pacific):

U.S. Single Military @ 3pm

Honest Conservative @ 4pm

Paul Couturier's Independently Correct Radio @ 5pm

Andrea Shea King on WDBO AM 580 in Florida @ 6pm

-----------Monday, New Year's Eve (Times are still Pacific):

Capt. Ed Morrisey's Heading Right Radio @ Noon

Jenn of the Jungle's "Screw Liberals" @ 5pm

War Zone at 6pm


Loki at 6pm

(Hmmmm, gotta make a choice. . . I will be listening to Loki, and catch War Zone on the archive)

Andrea Shea King's New Year's Eve Show with the Pistachios @ 8:30 pm

Political Pistachio's New Years Eve Show with Andrea Shea King @ 11:30 pm

-------------New Years Day:

Political Vindication and Dr. Blogstein both at 6pm (PV gets my live listenership on this one)

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