Thursday, July 12, 2007

John Bootie on PPR!

This Saturday Political Pistachio Radio will have live John Bootie, presidential candidate. After a few AM Radio interviews he is willing to make time for you, the most intelligent bloggers and BTR listeners on the planet. Tune in on Saturday at 4pm Pacific/7pm Eastern.

Upcoming schedule for Political Pistachio Radio:

July 14: John Bootie
July 21: Cary Cartter
July 28: Steve from
August 4: Richard Smith
August 18: No show so that I may celebrate my 23rd Wedding Anniversary.
August 25: Brad Lord-Leutwyler
September 1: Special Labor Day Broadcast!
September 8: ANDREA SHEA KING!

personalities I am negotiating with:

Joel Rosenberg, Judge Roy Moore

Expected returning guests:

Gary W. Moore, Bob Anderson, Paul Ibbetson, Paul Couturier

Possible guest requests:

Gawfer, Blandy Urbane of DeMediacratic Nation

1 comment:

Ken - said...

We ALL need to support John Bootie
to get the $$$$$ OUT of politics.

ALL Candidates should = Campaign on the INet = COIN