Sunday, July 22, 2007

James Gilmore and Sarah Palin

Yesterday's Political Pistachio Radio, which is now playing on the media player on this site if you are listening within a week of the broadcast, was a successful episode. Governor James Gilmore, one of the more influential members of the Republican Party, took time from his busy schedule to be a part of the program. We spoke with him about his recent withdrawal from the Presidential Race, as well as his position on a number of issues, including the war on terror and the immigration issue. Listener participation was amazing. I had a number of callers submit questions to Mr. Gilmore, and I also fielded a number of questions submitted by Yahoo Messenger. Thank you for the support.

By the way, BlogTalk Radio also posted a blog entry on the broadcast. This is the second time Political Pistachio has been recognized by the host network.

Thank you, my friends, for your support, and continued listenership of the show. The growth of the radio show has been tremendous, and that growth is due to you, the listeners.

Next Saturday on Political Pistachio Radio I will be joined by Stephen R. Maloney, who is one of the national coordinators for Sarah Palin for Vice-President on the Republican national ticket. As always, the live feed will air at 4pm Pacific/7pm Eastern.

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