Thursday, June 7, 2007

Cancer on Political Pistachio Radio

My son was recently diagnosed with testicular cancer. Last Friday he underwent surgery to remove the cancerous mass, and yesterday underwent a CT Scan to make sure the cancer has not spread to the rest of his body, primarily through his lymphatic system. The readers of Political Pistachio have been following this story as news becomes available, and their comment and e-mail response has been wonderful.

The President of the American Authors Association, Maria Edwards, contacted me and recommended that I speak with Rob Ballister, for he has endured the same cancer. After e-mailing with him, it was agreed that our interaction ought to take place on Blog Talk Radio. Rob Ballister, as a result, will be my guest on Political Pistachio Radio this upcoming Saturday.

Rob Ballister is the author of the book "God Does Have a Sense of Humor." He is a Naval Academy graduate and is currently an officer serving in the United States Navy. His book is about his journey through dating, growing up in New Jersey, and surviving Testicular Cancer. His cancer also spread into his lymphatic system, and the battle became long and arduous. Now, as a cancer survivor, he has chosen to use humor and wit to tell about his battle with the dreadly disease. The opportunity to have him on Political Pistachio to relay his pearls of wisdom is especially important to me, considering my son's current battle with the same type of cancer.

As an added note, when I last received an e-mail from Rob, he was eager to send my son an autographed copy of his book, hoping that his story would be inspirational to my 22 year old son as he continues through this stressful part of his young life. The book is on its way.

Listen this Saturday, 4pm Pacific/7pm Eastern. Political Pistachio Radio.


De'on Miller said...

People cab be so good. Support like this cannot be touched. Someday your son will encourage another.

Douglas V. Gibbs said...

Absolutely. And as I have told him, storms teach us character, and we strengthen through tribulation. God Bless.