Saturday, June 16, 2007

Broken Chances and Suffering Redeemed

Gene Moore had life ahead of him. At 15 the Brooklyn Dodgers had a scout in Sesser Illinois checking out his play at catcher for the local baseball team. World War II and tragedy after tragedy followed. His life became one of broken dreams, and life took turns Gene did not expect. And through it all he learned that it was those tragedies that made him the man he needed to be, and gave him the life he desired. Life is a long journey, and sometimes the destination is not always in sight.

Gary W. Moore pieced together the fractured details of his father’s life and put it all into a book. The story of Gene Moore’s journey through baseball, World War II, being a prison guard over German POW’s and teaching them baseball, and reaching a triumph he didn’t expect, is all in Playing With The Enemy. Gary and his publisher will be my guests today on Political Pistachio Radio.

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