Thursday, March 8, 2007

Making the show more professional

On Political Pistachio Radio this Saturday, I am attempting to make the show more like this blog (You know, seriously political with the occasional hint of humor when you least expect it), and less like a group phone call. The subjects I plan to touch on this Saturday are: Illegal Immigration, The Ten Commandments on Court Houses, Iraq, A showdown between two Mexicans and a black California Highway Patrol Officer I witnessed on the streets of Temecula (in California), Condi Rice as a possible candidate in 2008?, Political Correctness, and Barack Obama paying parking tickets 17 years late!

During the show you may call in (if you want to comment on the topics on the table) at (646) 652-2940, or you may comment at politicalpistachio at yahoo dot com, or make comments as the show progresses live through Yahoo Messenger (my ID is douglasvgibbs).

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