Thursday, March 22, 2007

Dan from the Bronx

Last Saturday on my radio show somebody called in that I have received a lot of positive feedback regarding. Dan from the Bronx made the show memorable. His genuine personality and Bronx accent reached out to you, made you feel at home on the show. What a fantastic caller to have. If you missed it, go to Political Pistachio Radio and listen to the March 17th archive.

Anyhow, his blogtalk radio show premiered tonight, and what a great show. Very entertaining. Yours truly called in during the first half, and relayed my story about my visit to New York, an experience I had at ground zero, a comment about New York pizza, and how I learned during my visit to the New York area how huge the rivalry truly is between the Yankees and the Red Sox. Access his show here.

And as an added note, this Saturday, on the 24th of March, the main subject of the Political Pistachio Radio show will be the Great Global Warming Lie! Call in, chime in, let me know what you think about this issue. The show will go live at 4pm Pacific Time, 7pm Eastern. Dial in to be on the show and give your twenty cents of opinion at

(646) 652-2940.

And for those of you curious about how the Gathering of Eagles March went in Washington D.C. on March 17th, Bushwack of American and Proud dot net will join us on March 31st to tell us all about it, so definitely tune in for that one.

And finally, on April 7th, the author of "Playing With The Enemy" will be my guest on the show. His name is Gary W. Moore, and we will be discussing his fantastic book about the life of his father, the motion picture currently in filming based on the book (and the interesting twist regarding the actor playing Gary Moore's father in the film), Baseball, World War II, Oprah, a challenge issued to Rudy Guiliani, and a little town known as Sesser, Illinois. Gary is a person you must listen to. His book is one that is worth reading. Tune in on April 7th to hear all about it.

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