Saturday, October 18, 2008

Political Pistachio Extravaganza!

Liberal Talker 2000 Answers Questions Truthfully - what does this electronic liberal have to say about Abortion, Torture, Environentalism, Health Care, Drugs, Iran, Iraq, Labor Unions, Stem Cell Research, and Taxes? Tune in tonight to find out!

Also, on this weekend's episodes of Political Pistachio Radio:

Introducing the Government's New Icon: The Condom!

William Ayers and Social-Justice Education! (from the American Power Blog)

A 3-Question Political Survey says elites know more about the ideological spectrum than you do!

The Water Police are ticketing me for run-off!

Who won the debate between Obama and McCain? (From Scott in South Cackalacky)

Joe the Plumber and the "Spread The Wealth" Comment.

Michelle Obama tells African Press International that Barack was adopted by his step-father - - - could this make him ineligible to be President?

Is Obama a Socialist?

Ohio Voters, ACORN, and The Supreme Court!

Capitalism is based on Liberty, Not Central Planning.

Glenn Beck Joining FOX News!

Did a McCain/Palin supporter in Scranton really yell "kill him" when Obama's Name was mentioned?

Bush plans to host world powers at economic summit!

First Graders taken to San Francisco City Hall For Gay Wedding!

This and more tonight and tomorrow night on Political Pistachio Radio! Join us Saturday at 10 pm Eastern/7 pm Pacific, and Sunday Night at 9 pm Eastern/7 pm Pacific!

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