Saturday, July 12, 2008

National Council of La Raza holds their 40th Conference, this time in San Diego

La Raza - Candidates to speak at La Raza Convention in San Diego, & Obama says teach your kids Spanish
Date / Time 7/11/2008 9:00:00 PM

Show Length 1 Hour

Show Description: We begin the show talking about Obama, and how he is soooo embarrassed that we don't speak Spanish. Obama is going to join amnesty-candidate McCain at the convention in San Diego being put on by the National Council of La Raza. And, now, they have issued a statement that any mention of reconquista by non-Latinos is hate speech. . . How does this tie into the globalist agenda? And why did we begin talking about the good ol' days? Join us on the Friday Night of Freedom - Political Pistachio by checking out the archive of this fantastic episode of Political Pistachio Radio!

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