Tuesday, June 17, 2008

When I Became A Father Again, & Reverend O'Neal Dozier discusses Churches that are falling to the left

Another Church Pastor sings Obama's Praises - Political Pistachio - Conservative Commentary

Reverend O'Neal Dozier joins us to discuss the growing number of Christian Organizations speaking out against Mega Church Pastor T.D. Jakes' near-endorsement of Barack Obama - and why are so many churches falling to the left? Aired 6/16/2008

After Mrs. Pistachio and I got back together: When I Began Being a Father Again - tonight on a special Father's Day edition of Personal Pistachio

Through the Years the struggle climaxed with a near divorce - but when I returned my kids were angry, my wife was fearful, and I was no closer to knowing how to run the family correctly - If only there was an owner's manual - - - or perhaps there was one, and I just wasn't looking for it in the right place! Aired 6/17/2008

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