Sunday, May 4, 2008


Jonathan Davis, the lead singer of KORN, was born in Bakersfield, California. During his teenage years he recorded demos in his father’s studio. Later, he joined a band called Sex Art, Which also included Ryan Shuck (the guitarist of the current band Orgy). Sex Art was performing in a club one night when at the time L.A.P.D. was also performing which had James Shaffer and Brian Welch (Munky and Head of Korn) saw Jonathan Davis singing, and asked him to join their band Creep. After Jon got the job they later became Korn.

Jonathan's father, Rick Davis, first worked in the music industry with Glenn Campbell. He spent several years working for and learning from Gary S. Paxton (Alley Oop - and many other hits - Gary has been a Christian producer since the 1970's).

Rick Davis spent over 25 years in the music industry, touring, recording, managing, and then mentoring.

Rick's very successful brother, Mike Davis, is the Senior VP of Entertainment for Universal Theme Parks, Japan, and he is a former VP of entertainment for Disney.

Rick Davis' final tour was working for Ringo Starr on his 1989/90 All Star Band Tour.

Rick had a lifetime close working relationship with the late Buck Owens, operating Buck's recording studio for 16 years.

Jonathan Davis is my second cousin (once removed?). Rick is my mom's cousin. When Rick and Mike Davis were kids one of their strong musical influences was my grandfather. Grandpa loved gadgets and guitars, and he loved to show everyone how it all worked. Mike took to the guitar and musical side, and Rick was more into the gadgets. In the end, both brothers broke into the music industry, Mike as a singer, and Rick became involved in the production end of the industry.

I last spoke with Rick in person at my grandfather's funeral years ago. Jonathan will always be to me that quiet little kid that I ignored at family get togethers. Little did I know that the young man that studied to be a mortician in college would be the front man for one of the biggest rock bands in history.

Recently, I was thinking about doing a show on my Political Pistachio Radio about how the music industry and world of politics affect each other. When the idea formulated in my mind, the first person I thought of to request as a knowledgeable guest regarding the subject was Rick Davis (Papa KORN).

So, Monday night, after my guest hosting on the Andrea Shea King show, Political Pistachio Radio's guest is Rick Davis, the father of Jonathan Davis, to discuss how the music industry and the political cockroaches influence each other. Join us at 10:00 PM Eastern Time.

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