Thursday, January 24, 2008

A Special Morning Pistachio

Friday Morning Mrs. Pistachio and I return with a special morning broadcast at 8am Pacific/11am Eastern.

Then, on Saturday, Gary W. Moore joins Political Pistachio to discuss his book, Playing With The Enemy. How does it tie into the Nazi's Enigma Code?

Sunday will be the Personal Pistachio episode you all have been waiting for - the steamy "Summer of Love".

Wednesday we will welcome J.A. Konrath of the Jack Daniels Detective Series of books on Political Pistachio.

Thursday, the final day of January, Jonathan Bruce is the pen name of co-authors John Schumacher and Bruce Smith, retired U.S. Air Force veterans who, in their book, "Seventh Psalm", provide a behind the scenes perspective of the war against the Islamic Jihad. Their book, however, though hailed by mainstream publishers to be a great read, and a real page turner, was rejected because they will not publish "any book that glorifies Bush or his illegal wars!" Join us as we discuss the book, their brush with the left-wing censors of mainstream publishing, and the War on Terror. . . Political Pistachio!

Saturday, February 2nd, Political Pistachio will interview author James Houston Turner (The Identity Factor). Join us as we discuss with James his latest book, his own personal battle against cancer, and perhaps a little bit about politics while we are at it - including the War on Terror/Islamic Jihad.

Also on Saturday, February 2nd, will be the premiere of Founding Truth. On this show Loki and myself will explore history, and the Constitutional Truth meant by the Founding Fathers of this great nation. Episode one? The Constitutional Role of the Federal Government.

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