Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The Day I Died

There is no special guest planned for November 3rd on Political Pistachio Radio. I plan to be my own guest. But, it will be a special show. You see, on July 1, 1985 an event occurred that changed my life forever. I died.

Mrs. Pistachio and I had been married for less than a year, and our son was three months old. I died on the scene of the accident at 1:30 AM. I was not found for a while. It is estimated that I stopped breathing for a full twenty minutes, ensuring that major brain damage occurred. They resuscitated me on the Life Flight helicopter to the hospital, which was over 30 miles away. I remained in intensive care in a deep coma for a week and a half, requiring a respirator to breath, draining spinal fluid from my cracked skull for the first three days. I remained "out of it" for two more months, experiencing 80 seizures per day once I became cognizant. I had to learn how to walk again, and it took two years to fully recover.

On November 3rd I will tell my story to my audience, and have my wife on the air to tell her side of it too. Listeners will not want to miss this tale of miracles and true love between my wife and I as we struggled through this storm in our life.

The broadcast will air live on Political Pistachio at 7pm Eastern Time, 4pm Pacific on Saturday, November 3, 2007.

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