Sunday, April 15, 2007

No more Mudkitty, and thank you to a few folks

The April 14, 2007 installment of Political Pistachio Radio was fantastic. Mrs. Pistachio hammered away at the issues, I relaxed and my personality surfaced on the airwaves, Mudkitty finally received a banishment decree from Political Pistachio, and the issue regarding Imus and his "nappy-headed ho's" remark was addressed with zeal.

I wish to thank Dave from My Point Radio, OBOB from OBob's World, and Phil from Holy Chalice for calling in. They made the show even better. Mudkitty also called in, but I decided to place her on infinite hold. Mrs. Pistachio felt I was harsh, and that my actions were out of character, but I felt at that time that it was necessary to preserve the validity of my show.

If you missed it, and would like to listen to the mayhem, it is ready for you on the archive. Click here to partake.

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