Tuesday, February 27, 2007

As the shock of the first show winds down. . .

Political Pistachio Radio was a success, I think, maybe, possibly. Now that I have a new microphone, the show will include me as well. Mudkitty, my resident liberal, however, ran away with the show. Did I cater to her? Perhaps. But this Saturday, the liberal visitor of many conservative blogs is going down, and I plan to enjoy watching Mrs. Pistachio accomplish that feat.


That's right, I got ran over by a Mack Truck called Mudkitty, and Mrs. Pistachio wants to know why, and she'll do more than ask Mudkitty why she doesn't believe in God. Listen to the fireworks go off this Saturday at 4 pm Pacific/7 pm Eastern/2 am somewhere in Europe.


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